Learning To Love You More




Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Herb Boggs
Washington, D.C. USA



The Government of the Future
Well I don't have all the details, but i'ts pretty accurate. This is how it will be. All through history leaders and the unemployed have been the least effective people. As such we don't need them. I won't cite my referrrences for this ineffectiveness of leaders, but it doesn't matter, because their won't be any government. They just don't work? What else has messed the world up? Oh, but it get's better. There won't be any religious leaders, they'll be as good as everyon else. There'll be judges, mostly for legal matters, but no jails, police or locks on doors. No locksmiths, keys, except for education or passwords. You'll be able to post on the N Y Times with no editor to tell you no, or anyone to tell you no, for that matter. Talk show hosts will let guests speak without sensoring them or missdirecting the discussion. And anyone can get on TV to say what they want. No one will lie. A lier or mean person would be so out of place, they would stand out like a sore thumb. Of course there wouln't be any General leaders or any private ones for that matter. Communication with anyone around the world would be free and everyones right. Anyone could up-link to satellites to tell the world what was what. Athiests and the religious would believe the same thing and churches would be non-existent, everyone would know all they needed to know. Everyone will smile when they see you and perfect strangers will come up to you on the street and start a conversation. People won't be able to wait to get to work and people will be concidering a four hour day. Salaries would be higher for a laborer than for many jobs, and of coures health care and all the benefits we need. No one would be out of a job or dwelling. No taxes, not federal, state or county, the words wouldn't even be capitalized. That's on day one. Day two would be much better. No advertisements. The end of the world would mean the end of this stupid world we have built, that's what it means anyway, if anyone could read. People will be able to read and understand all the great religions. Everyone would have enlightment to surpass the greatest gurus and I predict that could happen in a few days or maybe a week. So relax, it'll be alright pretty quick. That's the best I can predict. That's about right, isn't it?