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Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Iris Andrade
Phoenix, Arizona USA



My ideal government would be one that focused more protecting the world and all it's natural resources. Making sure we tread as lightly on the earth to ensure it thrives and in turn we thrive. The world we live in and protecting it is a practice that benefits not only our country, but all countries, and I think that is much more important of a battle than wars could ever be.
My ideal government would focus greatly on creating and maintaining an educational program that is free but high in quality. The system would aim to give kids a well rounded education but also focus on creating an environment where the child could explore and find and follow their talents and interests, hopefully leaving the child at graduation with clear direction as to what profession they will continue on to.
My ideal government would regulate medical care to those who need it as well as insist on standard check ups for all citizens. It would also provide enough paid leave for both mothers and fathers on maternity leave, thus helping parents to nurture and grow families without fear of job loss or loss of much needed income due to starting a family.
My ideal government would nurture all professions and companies in the country to promote less outsourcing to other countries. This would boost country professional morale, as well as make us less dependant on foreign labor and boost our economy in a honest manner.
My ideal government would reach out to other countries in need of assistance and help in whatever way possible to the extent that it is needed or desired.