Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Ohio, USA



Advice to Taylor at age 8:
1: Tell someone sooner. That was gross.
2: Don't think you're not pretty. You're beautiful darling.
Age 10:
1: You are not in love with Jaycen. Love does not exist in the 5th grade
2: Avoid Shelby T. at all costs. She is mean and rude and doesn't really even like you
Age 11:
1: Under no circumstances should you obsess over Tyler. He is a jerk.
2: Don't let Cain push you around. If you stand up to him now, it will not continue later.
Age 12:
1: Don't look into his eyes. Big mistake. He will deceive you. And don't let Emma tell you lies about how awesome he is. Do not go out with him. Sure, it will boost your popularity, but just don't. It will ruin your young life.
2: If you didn't listen to me before, please do it now. No closets shall you enter with Sean. If you did listen to me, then he should not even be in your life right now.
3: I know Emma is your best friend. But bad things happen because of your relationship. Stick with Shelby and Bridget. They know what is best for you.
4: Listen to your mother. She knows.
Age 13:
1: Be nicer to Jordan. He really liked you. And you're just going to want to go back out with him later.
2: Don't get frustrated with Shelby. She doesn't know yet how Cain is abusing her mentally.
3: Love your looks and your body. You are not fat. You are very skinny. You know that.
4: Love yourself.