Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Baytown, Texas USA



Advice for Mich at nineteen years old:
1. Go to class every day.  You could be making tons of money at 21 if you just show up and finish!  Stop feeling anxious and paranoid because it' s a new college in a new city.  Everyone is too wrapped up in their own lives to worry about yours.
2. Every love letter you are writing to Bruce he is turning around and giving to his new girlfriend that you don' t know about.  He will cancel your wedding a week after you tell your mom you found the perfect dress.
3. You will be heartbroken and quit school and travel to England and will not return for years.  Don' t stay heartbroken forever. He was too religious anyway and you never did like ' soft'  guys.  Still go to England, but focus on making girlfriends and having tons of fun.  Meet loads of people and travel all over.
4. Play chess with Jason at the Golden Lion pub, he will be a good friend and a good teacher.
5. Go to Ireland and dance with Keith, he will be a lifelong love who will always look out for your best interests.
6. And finally, go to Lincolnshire and find Mandy.  Laugh and cry over dinner and wine; she will eventually introduce you to Eddie.
7. Go visit your family.  They love you exactly how you are, even if you are 30 pounds heavier than high school.  Your mom will watch everything you put into your mouth, but she will still love you.
8. Exercise every day.  Learn to love being outdoors' ¦there' s too much to see!  You will feel better when you finally loose the weight and you will understand what it' s like to have confidence.
9. Make sure to go to Lincolnshire and find Eddie.  Um, but the first time you have sex with him, make sure you' re on the pill.  I don' t want you pregnant at nineteen.