Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Kimberley McCormick
Hazelton,, British Columbia CANADA



Advice to Kimberley McCormick, from age 5 to 18.
1- Ask mum a lot about Auntie Crystal, she won't be around for you to ask her yourself.
2- Don't fall asleep with your head on the back of the couch, when you're visiting mum's first husband's parents. The pain you will feel when you wake up will never leave your memory. Your ear will never be the same, and you develop a hatred for parrots.
3- I know you don't have a father, and mum is trying her hardest, and she has a lot of nice friends. Please don't try to find what you're looking for in them, they will leave her because of you.
4- When you're at Crystal's funeral, please don't get so mad people that try and sit next to you. They don't understand that you're saving the seat for Crystal, and you don't understand that she's not coming.
5- Don't let that sick little boy touch you. I know you're in grade three and he's in grade six, and you don't understand what is going on. It'll make you have an opinion about yourself later in life that you shouldn't have.
6- I know it's exciting to get to finally know your father, but he is a piece of shit that doesn't know how to act with little girls like you, please don't be afraid... TELL MUM!
7- Don't let Ryan kill the kitten. TELL SOMEONE! Don't let him make you stay and watch him force feed the dead kitten milk, I'm proud that you slapped him and went home crying, you still should of told mum.
8- Don't let your cousin touch you in the tent. He is SCUM. I know you were asleep at first, but you shouldn't of acted like you were sleeping when you weren't.
9- Spend as much time as you can with Sara, when you see her later on in life, she won't be the person you knew.
10- Learn from Grandpa, he's the only good man in your life.
11- Don't be sad about moving to Florida. Great things are about to happen
12- I know you're grandmother-in-law seems nice, but she's a rotten, rotten woman. Be glad for the events that happen after she tried to kill you and your mother.
13- Spend more time with Sam and Alexa, they love you, and will forever be great friends.
14- I know Ocala is a sad place for you, for the first year. You'll make friends! Don't spend that summer locked in your room, get outside and help Debbie, she loves you and your mum.
15- Jeremy is the first person you'll ever love. Don't be afraid of your feelings, and DON'T think you're not good enough for him. He's a great guy, you're super lucky he forgives you and you become great friends again.
16- Don't do ANYTHING with Joe. Just be a friend. He's a really good guy, too good for you and the foolish things you do. Don't worry too much about the falling of your relationship. He meets a great girl, and forgives you a year later. You could of fixed it sooner by being honest with him.
17- I know you love Daniel. But I also know you're confused. Sam came into your life a year too late, DEAL WITH IT! I'm not going to tell you what to do with this one. You'll learn and grow a lot with his help. Tell him you love him more, and don't get so hurt when he doesn't spend the night. Don't expect him to be the same person with you out of his life.
18-End the relationship the moment you leave. Distance only makes this worse, and the sadness isn't worth it for you or him.
19- I know you're excited to move back to B.C. but, you're going to miss Florida. Don't be in a rush to leave. Stay up late on the night of your 'good bye' party, Daniel worked hard for it.
20- Having no friends is OK! This is a perfect time to realize who you are.
21- I know grandma's different, but try and understand that her mind is not the same.
22- Be VERY excited to move away from Terrace. You're going to meet the bestest friend you'll ever have in Hazelton.
23- Don't ask Cian to dance, don't tel him how you might feel, don't put yourself out there. He's a really stupid boy that hardly knows how to handle himself, let alone a girl like you. Plus he's really weird, and cries in yearbook.
24- Don't expect too much from Garrett
25- Understand that everything will be ok.
26- Don't let yourself get even a little sad when you find out about Daniel and Libby. Be a friend, you are no longer anyone's lover.