Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Tom McCaul
Lynn, Massachusetts USA



Advice for Thomas age 13
1. Do not call your mother while she is at work and beg her to go out 15 minutes early that fateful summer day. Just listen to her. This will completely change your life in the most positive way imaginable.
Advice for Thomas age 16
2. Don't masturbate so much. Go out and talk to real women.
3. Stop smoking everyday and focus on your drumming. This is a talent you will have wasted in your 20's. Many opportunities will have gone down the drain because of this and you will regret this many years from now.
Advice for Thomas age 12
4. Tell your mother how your step-father beats you when he's drunk. Oh, and tell her how he chokes you when he's bored too.
Advice for Thomas age 18
5. Get a job and put down the damn bottle. Are you blind? Isabelle loves you but she cannot stand by you while you drown your life with booze. She needs a man, not a boy. You will regret this for a long, long time if you refuse this.
Advice for Thomas age 23
6. Grow the hell up. Quit partying everyday with your friend's everyday. They aren't you and they don't live your life. They don't really care where you are in 10 years. Finish the application to the Peace Corps. Trust me.
Advice for Thomas age 21
7. When you are living in North Carolina, don't go to the bar with Kerns and Belky two nights before you go home on leave. You will never live this night down for the rest of your life. No one else will either. I promise.
Advice for Thomas age 15
8. Call your sperm donor (real father) and talk to him before he dies. Tell him you hate him. This will ease a lot of pain that won't go away now that he is gone.
Advice for Thomas age 16-23
9. Stay away from Michael. He will only drag you down. You two are not healthy for each other. This step will help save your life.
10. And also, BELIEVE in Him. He was there from the start.