Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Jennifer Lynn
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania USA



Advice to myself at Age 13: Don't walk to the end of the diving board to put a tube into the water you can jump onto. You slip and have to go to the hospital and it's awful.
Age 14: Don't ask Mateusz to the dance, your friends bullied you into it, and in hindsight you don't really care all that much. Don't befriend Alex. He is a jackass.
Age 15: When you go away to high school keep in better touch with Stephanie. You will be devastated when she dies. Alex cheated on you the day before her wake. Don't bring him with you, and don't ever speak to him again. Getting back together with him won't put the world back right like you thought. Don't say yes when Joey asks you out in the hallway. I know he spring it on you, but you don't talk to him and break up with him like a week later. It probably really hurt him.
Age 16: Don't stop eating. Don't try to kill yourself. You will want to stick around. I know it feels like you're suffocating. And I promise your anxiety will get better although it doesn't seem like it. Eventually you will be able to sleep at night. I wish I knew how I got through it to make it easier for you. You and Alex break up after a year. Don't cry when you're talking to him, because once you get out of the car, you realize you didn't want to be with him anyway.
Age 17: You are a fantastic parallel parker, but you will graze the cone taking your test. You pass, but it will always bug you. Drive carefully when you first get your license too. You're reckless and you drive up on a curb and rear-end someone. Senior year will be the best year of high school. Lauren and you are close and spend every moment together. Cherish it, and try to stop how you drift apart in college. DON'T talk to mark in art class. He is a nut job, does terrible things to you, and then stalks you when you go off to college. He calls you 250 times in one night, fills up your text and voicemail box, and drives up to your school twice.
Age 18: I know Lee is really cute, and I know things are terrible between you, but I promise it gets better, and you will end up together. Don't go out with him now, he cheats on you, and you are devastated. Your timing isn't right yet, and you aren't ready to be together. Grandma is sick, try and understand. Be strong. I know you will be. Its hard to clean up her blood and hold her down while she's seizing, but mom needs you.. Im sorry grandma has Alzheimer's. There's nothing you can do, just be there for her and cherish what time is left. She dies in January. Don't rush back from her funeral to be with Lee. He breaks up with you and he cheated. So if you listened to me and didn't go out with him yet, your heart wont break. You patch things up in the beginning of the summer, he builds trust and drives from PA to see you every week while working nights. If you did date him when I told you not to, try and forgive him, you are mean to him for so long. I know it hurts but you need to understand the timing wasn't right. Don't hook your sister up with pot; it turns out she's addicted and she drops out.
Age 19: You finally got your tattoo for Stephanie. It helps so much. Although, double check the A before it's on your body forever, you learn to like it, but you envision it differently.
Age 20: Living in the sorority house sucks at first I know. You and the girls don't get along at first, but it will end up being fine. You will have a lot of good times together, and you will be sorry to leave. You become lactose intolerant again this year. You lose 10 pounds because you are allergic to everything. Be aware of things that might have dairy, because you don't feel good a lot until you find out. Laurent didn't graduate. She dropped out because all she does is smoke pot. She will spend 5 years in school, change majors 7 times, and have nothing to show for it.
Age 21: Don't tell Krisi to throw you a 21st birthday party. Her and Sarah wont come and you'll be miserable. Living in the apartment with lee is good. You transition into it easily. Be more trusting. You just have to. Lauren is still addicted to pot. It breaks moms heart. She's 23 and ruining her life. Try and support her, find some way to help her.