Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Sarah Jordan
Elmer, New Jersey USA



Advice To Sarah Jordan at Eleven
1. Let yourself cry, in five years you will wish you could cry easily.
2. Stop berating yourself, they don't hang out with you because they're selfish not because something is wrong with you.
3. Dont go out with Tyler. You think he's very cool now but when you hook up with while you're drunk in five years you'll finally see how dumb he is.
4. Dont go out with Tyler. You think Meg will hate you if you do. And you're correct.
5. Stop trying to be perfect. Its absolutely impossible and will only frustrate you more.
6. Believe in your heart that God wont hate you when you mess up, not just in your head.
7. Love yourself. LOVE YOURSELF. Love yourself while you still can because in just a few short years it will be harder than it is now.
8. Talk to your sisters. Anna will change, Mary will change, and Martha will change. In better ways and in worse ways, but open up now so its not so hard later.
9. Dont be jealous of Meg and Shelby. Most people will hate Shelby in a few years and she'll actually like you more than most because you realize she isn't just a slut.
10. Dont sign up for field hockey. You'll be alright at it but you'll also have to work your ass off.
11. Learn how to talk about things. People dont expect you to have no problems.
12. Smile more often, you're still so young.
13. Tell Anna to stop thinking about killing herself. And to stop doing drugs. Its a waste of her life and she'll realize that soon, but the sooner the better.
14. Like Josh. He doesn't like Alexa's sister more than you and when he moves to Boston you'll miss him like hell.
15. Know that you aren't being selfish when you are sad for being left out.
16. Dont sit in front of the mirror and think you would be better dead.
17. Sit in front of the mirror and realize how much you are loved.