Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Kathleen Curry
Tacoma, Washington USA



Advice to Kathleen Curry at age 17:
1. It's okay that you and Matt broke up. You don't really like him, and he's kind of a stalkerish douche bag. Don't waste your time trying to get back together with him. It only lasts about two more weeks, anyway.
2. If you feel an insane need to ignore my solid advice, and push to rekindle the not-so-stellar flame, know that he is going to cheat on you with one of your closest friends, and everyone who knows the two of you are dating is going to see them making out in the science wing. Try to maintain some semblance of dignity. He doesn't like you anymore. Don't try to get him to say he does just because you are a manipulative bitch.
3. When Laini's mom tell's you Laini can't come to your birthday party because she's grounded, it would be a good idea to NOT hang up on her. This is because when you do she will get very offended and hold it against you for years, making it very hard when Laini finally isn't grounded and the two of you start socializing again.
4. Donovan. He totally likes you. Like, a lot. And has for a long time. ASK HIM OUT. He will say yes, I promise.
5. You are a really bad driver. Like, probably the worst driver ever. So when you get this insane urge to drive to Tacoma to buy Donovan a Valentine's Day present, you should probably just stay in Gig Harbor and buy him something from Bartell's instead. Because you WILL get into an accident, and it will be the first of many this year.
6. Don't call your parents and tell them you are going to the library when you and I both know you are going to hang out with Donovan instead. Because they do catch you, and you are grounded for a week. Which, incidentally, is not a very fun way to start a relationship. I'm just saying.
7. You are not a princess. Stop acting like one.
8. Look, I know it's early, but try going to drama every once in a while, okay? Because when you don't, and then your teacher tells you that you can't miss school to go to London, even though you worked your ass off at McDonald's for a year to pay for the trip, it's going to be so inconvenient to change his mind.
9. The plane doesn't crash. Donovan and everyone else you love are still there when you get home, so quit whining, let go of your inhibitions, have a blast in England, and stop calling home, or you will be paying off an $800 phone bill well into the summer after graduation.