Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Evie B.
Austin, Texas USA



Advice for Evie at age 11:
1) You don't know it yet, but that kid, he wasn't joking around when he sent you those emails.
2) Sure they were creepy, but don't blackmail him, don't be a bitch.
3) He showed his heart to you, and it will turn out you feel the same way.
And what are you going to do when he hates your guts because you were so awful to him?
4)Just be nice. Talk to him. Be his friend.
Advice for Evie at age 12:
1) Go out with him, chicka. But please, whatever you do, don't dump him. It will be hard because you like that other kid too, but that other kid; he is perfect with that other girl, neither of which will be important to you by eighth grade.
2) But he will, he will stick in your mind, and don't lose him, don't let him go. Don't ever let him go.
3) Be easy on him. He will be all crazy and suicidal, I know he will, but please just be there.
4) That's the best you can do. Just. Be. There.
Advice for Evie at age 13:
1) Make her take InkBlot the class in seventh grade because she won't be here for eighth. She is moving. I know, it's hard.
2) Keep him as your friend if he ain't your boyfriend, chicka. He will be the best guy friend you will ever have. He will listen to you and hear you out. You can tell him anything.
3) If you are still attracted to him (which I know you are) act on it. Don't let him go out with all your friends because it will kill you.
Advice for Evie at age 14:
1) At your mom's Christmas party, go out to the trampoline and talk to him. Let him tell you everything and tell him you will always be there. And apologize in advance, because you will have to do it countless times after that too.
2) One day, you will get off of the bus with him and it will be raining. You will ask him if he wants to kiss in the rain. He will say yes, but you, you should take him and kiss him. And tell him that you are sorry for everything you have EVER done to him and that you love him. Tell him that you love him and you never stopped. Tell him that you want to be with him and that you were stupid and most of all a bitch. Tell him he is your best guy friend and that if you can't be together; let you at least be friends for ever and ever. Then apologize again and again and again. And hug him and play with him in the rain, and walk with him, all the way to his house and tell him how much he is appreciated and how amazing he is.
3) And then, maybe, just maybe, he will forgive you.