Learning To Love You More




Assignment #4
Start a lecture series.

"Lecture Series on Loosing"
Betsy Lewin
Alexandria, Virginia USA



Time/Date/Place: TBA
(Lecture will occur when criteria is sought and interest is sparked)
There will be three opening lecturers. Each will talk about a physically experienced aspect of loss.
-Individual that suffered from "broken heart syndrome" (stress cardiomyopathy) will speak about the experiences of having [literally] a broken heart resulting from immense grief.
-Individual will speak about the loss of a limb. The lecturer will talk about their denial of their bodily loss and their experiences with a phantom limb.
-Individual suffering from AZOOR (Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy) will talk about their incurable disease, their loss of hope and sight.
(The opening public memoirs will serve as a platform for a series of documented expressions upon loosing.)
Linda Montano- "Mitchell's Death", "On Death and Dying" (Memoir of receiving News of death of Ex-husband, Interviews with Nun's on dying)
Teching Hsieh- 'Homeless Project' (Hsieh vows not to go into a roved building for a year, loss of home)
Chuck Close- (Paintings post paralysis, loss of mobility)
Bas Jan Ader- "I'm Too Sad to Tell You" (Ader cries over loss?)
Pepón Osorio- "Home Visit" (Installation: a memorial to a burn home, is placed in other homes occupants must interact and experience)
Rebecca Horn- "Berlin Exercises in Nine Pieces" (Creates objects that distant herself from objects or people, her loss of feeling and communication)
The lecture will conclude with playing several fixed boxing matches.