Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Laura Stirewalt
Portland, Oregon USA
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Laura walks into the kitchen to get something to drink and keys sound at the door and the door opens.
laura: 4 hours late every nite, even if you aren t fucking some girl, fuck you yeah, guess I'll come home whenever I feel like it. I'll do whatever I want and wander around wherever I want and take four hours to get home. I'll take some of those people up on their offers, I'll get my own life since you don't want to be a part of it. Fuck you Will, what the fuck every night for the last fucking two weeks.
will: Laura I didn't come home late for a reason, I got off at 8:30, I ruined the whole bake tonight, I fucked everything up, I'm sorry baby.
laura: Fuck you I don't even want to hear it, (Laura looks into wills eyes like she is challenging him to a dual he looks straight through her and starts to get small like he is listening to his mother yell at him when he was young.)
laura: fuck it I give up, lets just break up, or maybe I'll just find a real life where people want me around.
will: baby stop come here.
laura: get your fucking hands off me. (pushes will back through the kitchen door)
Will slides down the wall behind him just inside the front door and puts his head in his hands. Will starts to cry
will: baby I'm sorry I am late again I got all the way to the transit center and realized I forgot my backpack. It was stupid I am sorry I am such a bonehead.
laura: (picks up wills back pack) you were late for this fucking thing, great this stupid backpack that has nothing in it is more important than me.
will: baby you know it's not, come here baby, I'm sorry.
(Laura goes in the living room and sits on the couch and sets her gaze at the TV leaving Will slumped just inside the front door, she sits there for a minute looking in the direction of Will a few times as if she can see through the wall looking pissed like someone is interrupting her from watching her favorite show, she gets up fast and walks his way.
laura: get off the fucking floor, I'm not your mother, your not five, fuck!
(she pulls him up with a tiny bit of compassion, seems just enough to get him off the floor, when he gets up she looks relieved as if he won't interrupt her show anymore.)
will: (as he enters the living room walking to Laura to embrace her) Laura baby I'm sorry come here let me hold you.
laura: get away from me, fuck I just wanted you off the floor but leave me fucking alone.
will: fuck you then (he opens the back patio door slamming the curtains aside and goes outside to smoke a cigarette slamming the door behind him.)
(Laura gets up then and grabs his back pack and a knife and tries to shred it to pieces but the backpack is made to well and she can't rip it, she throws it in the garbage frustrated and sees the jar of oil on the counter from when she made Navajo tacos last, she grabs it and pours it over the back pack in the garbage smiling then grabs the plate of flour on the counter that Willl had used to make her pan fried fish the night before and she pours it over the oil covered backpack seeming pleased. Laura walks to the sliding door and opens it and pokes her head outside.)
laura: I guess smoking that stupid cigarette is more important than me also.
Will: baby stop.
laura: no! I hate you, you should just leave before the last max (light rail) leaves for Portland, go get the fuck out of here I don't want to look at you. Will gets up and walks out the back fence and he is gone. Laura sits on the couch for a minute and doesn t look at the TV once, she looks lonely and maybe a tiny bit ashamed. She jumps up and puts her shoes on and a coat and starts running around the house muttering something about keys, she grabs at something impulsively and makes for the front door and leaves.