Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

San Francisco, California USA



Me: hi
D: hey
Me: whatcha gonna do tonight?
[no response]
Ok well I just came online to talk to ya...I'm gonna go back
[no response]
I'm gonna go to be early
[no response]
So I might not talk to you again tonight
D: Huh
Me: Huh what
D: You are gonna go to be early?
Me: Yeah
Not this second
But early
D: To bed?
Me: Yes
D: Oh I didnt know what u were sayin
Me: Ok
D: Where r u going back to
Me: Not being online
D: Oh
Me: You seem busy. Goodnight
D: So no more talk? No I'm not busy
Me: You're not even talking to me
D: Yes i am
Can u see what I'm typing?
Me: No. It's fine. I'm gonna go tho
D: What the heck
Me: What do u mean what the heck
D: U r gettin mad at me and im talking to u
Me: Not really. It's fine. I'm not mad at you. You have to go soon anyway
D: But I'm not even busy. Not for a half hour
Me: ok
D: Damn gina
U were givin me two seconds to answer
Me: I'm not mad at you!
Don't damn gina me
D: I'm sorry but when u say I'm gonna go it's fine those are codes for I'm pissed at u you little shit head
Me: hahahaha. They are not
D: Yea. Ask any girl
Me: Ugh. I'm gonna go. It's fine.