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Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Matt Prins
Edmonton, Alberta CANADA
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After being in school and traveling and living on my own for the past 4 years, I've hit a financial wall and have been living in my parents' basement for the past year. Being at home has got me in a bit of a depressed state; therefore I like to smoke a joint every now and then to "escape," unquote. My brother, father, and mother have their rooms situated two levels above my own. This makes me think I am safe to smoke. I'm not.
I light up a joint in my basement room and to cover the smell I light a scented candle and incense, which probably makes the joint smoking even more obvious. I have to crack open my tiny window and blow the smoke outside. I get in bed and start a movie, "Withnail and I." My dad comes downstairs to work on his taxes or something of the stuffy, boring sort.
From outside my room, he never comes in,
Dad: "What's that smell?"
Me: "Candles."
"Yeah - candles!"
"It smells like smoke."
"... That's from the candles!"
"It smells like garbage."
"... Garbage?"
"Yeah. It stinks like garbage. It stinks like garbage burning."
"Well... maybe that's incense."
"Yeah - incense!"
"What are you burning incense for?"
"I like the way it smells."
"It stinks"
"Then don't smell it!"
"Well, stop burning it!"
Then he turns on his computer. "Withnail and I" is too hard to follow when you're high.