Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Rachael Price
Missouri, USA



Jared: no, tell me please
Rachael: I can't
Jared: yes, you can you can tell me anything
Rachael: it wouldn't come out right
Jared: try please
Rachael: well first of all I knew where you kept the journal thing I got you and I read it yesterday so it all kind of came from that and now I feel like shit but it led me to think about a bunch of shit
Jared: that was all written a long time ago. What did it lead you to? That's why I didn't want to keep a journal by the way
Rachael: I couldn't help myself. You don't keep it anyways
Jared: I know I stopped
Rachael: I know it was written a long time ago but it was still written
Jared: well you need to tell me what you wrote
Rachael: no I can't just tell you Jared
Jared: email it to me or something
Rachael: you can't just tell someone what is inside of six pages
Jared: not all 6 pages
Rachael: then ill feel stupid
Jared: just summarize your problems or thoughts
Rachael: I can't tell you all of it without all of it
Jared: Rachael how dumb do I feel you read what I wrote and I didn't even know about it till now. then tell me all 6 pages
Rachael: then ill feel stupid
Jared: I feel like I need to know
Rachael: mines stupider than yours
Because I feel like I don't know anything and I hate it
Rachael: because its long and i'm a girl so I'm already writing stupid things
Jared: if you need to email it to me. I have to go
Rachael: no don't leave me
Jared: ok