Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

The PostGrad Project
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA



Michelle: Hey, how was your night last night?
Me: Good, I did nothing. I ordered a pizza and watched bad TV. It was great not to have to care about anything.
Michelle: I can see you didn't bother to wash up.
Me: Why should I? I didn't make the mess. I haven't been home all week to use the kitchen. None of its my crap.
Michelle: But I thought you said it didn't matter who cleaned, as long as it got done.
Me: True, but I washed up every night the previous two weeks before, why should I always do it while you get to go to bed early.
Michelle: Well I'm sick of living in filth. You never do anything.
Me: Bullshit, I clean the fucking bathroom every weekend, and vacuum the house.
Michelle So, I take the bins out every week.
Me: It takes two minutes to take the bins out. Don't give me this shit.
Michelle: Don't swear at me.
Me: Well don't accuse me of being lazy and not doing anything when I do most of the house work.
Michelle: I have to pay the bills in this house, I'll do whatever I want.
Me: I pay the bills also.
Michelle: But they're in my name.
Me: You're pathetic.
Michelle: And you're a fucking loser.
Me: Fuck off. This is ridiculous. I'm going to bed.
Michelle: Of course, there's work to be done.
Me: Fuck you.
Michelle: Fuck you too.