Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Pony and Chelsea
Seattle, Washington USA



Sunday, Feb. 1st, 2009. Approximately 5:30pm. Roomates/Best Friends, Pony and Chelsea walking to the market. Seattle, WA.
Chelsea: So what kinda milk you wanna get Pony? Homo milk?
Pony: What the fuck? I have to stand outside with Obie?
Chelsea: Well yeah Pony, I have to go in and get my coffee.
Pony: You mean a vegan chocolate chip cookie? Don't lie to Pony. Seriously, don't lie to Pony.
Chelsea: Yeah fine, I want a fucking cookie Pony.
Pony: I do not want to stand outside with the dog.
Chelsea: Pony you're standing outside with Obie. It will take two minutes, you'll be fine. It's not even cold out.
Pony: No dude, seriously. I am not standing outside with Obie. Just tie him up outside.
Chelsea: I'm not tying my dog up outside. Just stand outside with him.
Pony: No!
Chelsea: Pony!
Pony: No! Seriously, I am not standing outside with your dog. It's fucking cold.
Chelsea: Whatever dude. I'm not tying him up. I'm not comfortable doing that. Do you see all these cars Pony? Every single one of these cars is a car that could hit Obie.
Pony: Chelsea Keene, these cars are parked. None of them are going to hit Obie.
Chelsea: Dude, just fucking stand outside. I'll buy your fucking homo milk.
Pony: No! Everyone ties up their dog Chelsea, just tie him up right here.
Chelsea: Hell fucking no! I'm not doing it. Please, would you just stand here with him?
Pony: What if he poops?!
Chelsea: He's not gonna poop Pony. I'll give you a bag.
Pony: Let's just take Obie back home and we'll come back here and buy homo milk.
Chelsea: So great, the whole "milk and cookie" experience is over?!
Pony: It was going to be a "milk" and "cookie" experience. There was no "milk and cookie experience."