Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Nashua, New Hampshire USA



Me: Well, maybe I can ask Chris or someone to drive me to surgery if you aren't back by then.
Dad: Well, when is it supposed to be?
Me: Not sure yet, but possibly Wednesday. And I obviously won't want to drive myself...
Dad: Oh of course... well, Mary could drive you?
(To Mary) Will you drive Mel to surgery and pick her up?
Mary: Ummmmm... When, and in what car?
Dad: Mel's car, I guess.
Me: Umm... well I can just ask Chris to pick me up, really. I don't think he will mind.
Dad: Won't he have to work?
Me: He always offers to do things like that. I think he would be happy to do it.
Mary: (grins) she just doesn't want me to drive her car.
Me: You're right! I don't want you to drive my car. I'm not comfortable with it. And it's not like you let me drive yours, even when I really NEEDED to go to the doctor!
Mary: It was unregistered.
Me: Ummm, you drove it.
Mary: Yeah, illegally.
Me: It was registered.
Dad: Why don't you want her to drive your car?
Me: I just don't, Dad. I don't see what the big deal is if Chris drives me...
Me: Look, I am in no mood to fight about this.
Mary: Just doesn't want me to drive her car!!
Me: Thanks for being sensitive about this, you are a reaaal sweetie.
Dad: Enough!
Me: No, you're enough! Can I just have some potatoes please so I can go eat upstairs?