Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Brooke Manning
Toronto, Ontario CANADA



Me: Is Jeff back? Are you going to hang out with him?
You: I don't know. Do we have anything to drink that I can bring?
Me: (looking in cupboard) There is this Brandy (holding the bottle up and tilting it to show how little is left).
You: It's rum.
Me: Oh. You are right. Are you going to go? I am sure they would have something there for you to drink. Wouldn't they?
You: You are being very coy.
Me: No I am not.
You: (smiling) You are trying to get me to leave.
Me: (smiling) I am not.
You: Yes you are.
Me: No I am not. It is just, living in a box is hard when you want to write music and you are too shy to do it in front of other people.
You: I am tired from work and I think I am jealous of your creativity.
Me: Well, just do something creative then.
You: That's like me telling you you should have done something creative while I was at work.
Me: That is not how I meant it. I meant it as a good suggestion. I did not mean "turn on your creativity now!", I just meant, "you could do something creative now also".
You: That's not how it sounded at all.
Me: That's how I meant it.
You: (eyes roll)
Me: Did you just roll your eyes at me?
You: No.
Me: Are you mad at me?
You: No. (about to get up)
Me: (climbing on top, pinning arms down) Let's talk about it. That's really not how I meant it and now you are mad at me. Are you mad at me?
You: If you ask me again, I will be mad at you.
Me: Do you hate me?
You: I love you.
Me: Are you mad at me?