Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Ashley Loudermilk
Hot Springs, Arkansas USA
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Him: Hi ****** How are you?
Her: Good. How was your day? (says it in a sad tone of voice because situations are bad)
Him: (sighs and grunts) Why are you trying to make me feel bad?
Her: What am I doing to make you feel bad? I haven't said a word except good and how was your day. Damn it.
Him: It just seems like you're always trying to make you feel bad. Quit!
Her: I'm not, I'm just heartbroken.
Him: ****** I love you. I really do.
Her: Then why are you with another girl?
Him: I'm 25 and I just want another girlfriend before I die. (sighs)
Her: That is pretty shitty. Why do you do things like this!? Damn it! Stop leading me on you asshole.
Him: I'm not trying to lead you on. Just forget that I even said that. Just stop thinking about us. Be happy with me. Be happy for me.
Her: How can I be fucking happy for you, if you left me for another dumb girl!? That's ridiculous!! Selfish asshole. (grunts)
Him: I'm tired of hurting you. Friends shouldn't hurt friends. Lovers shouldn't hurt their lovers. And friends should feel good if your friend is happy (gets interrupted by her)
Her: Do you not expect me to be upset!? You're so lost in yourself. But hey its whatever makes you happy...it always has been. Whatever makes **** happy. Go off, do whatever you want. Fuck whoever you want. Be happy with her. STOP LEADING ME ON!!!
Him: This is the only way I can put how I feel. Don't get defensive. (sighs again and then pauses) You go into an ice cream shop. And everyday you get your favorite flavor, vanilla. (she laughs wondering what the hell is he talking about). And you go in and still get vanilla, but now you start eying the other flavors because they are different. There are so many different colors and flavors. (gets interrupted again)
Her: What is the point in this!?
Him: Just shut up for a second. Let me finish. Damn. (pauses) And instead of getting your favorite flavor you try strawberry for once. And you like it. But you know that you will soon get tired of it and you will always want to go back to your favorite flavor, vanilla. That's how I feel.
Her: This is all bullshit. You're leading me on. She's better than I am, I guess. (gets interrupted by him)
Him: She's not better than you are. No one is better than anyone else. I just need a change. We change. People change. We aren't growing apart. Why are we fighting anyways? I hate fighting. DAMN IT THIS IS ALL WE EVER DO!!!
Her: Then lets stop now. Go do your thing. I will do mine. I love you **** . Goodnight. Bye
Him: says "bye" in a sad tone of voice. (hangs up the phone)