Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Peter Max Lawrence
San Francisco, California USA



Him: did you hear about that guy who named his kid Hitler
Her: yeah, sad huh
Him: I think they are bringing him up on charges
Her: good, they should
Him: uh huh, ... hmmmmn
Her: what you are going to do; defend him
Him: well I mean it is just a name and a common one at that
Her: oh please are you serious
Him: yes. very, i mean freedom of speech anyone? look at your views for Prop. 8. The guy should be able to name his kid whatever he wants. 'We" should be able to marry our pets.
Her: why do you do this?
Him: because.. I mean sure it is tasteless and in someways absurd but where do we get off deciding what is and isn't appropriate for parents to choose?
Her: fine
Him: no seriously, why don't we just ban all German names while we are at especially those who were Generals or war criminals, oh wait why stop there - Ted Bundy, Jeffery Daumer.
Her: I pretty sure people aren't naming their kids after cereal killers
Him: really, Ok and what about those CIA torturers or 911 guys
Her: i'm just saying that it is going to be obvious scarring to name a kid Hitler and it is parental abuse
Him: a name is abuse? a common name?
Her: you know what i an tel this is going no where
Him: seems like it
Her: why do you consistently defend this kind of behavior
Her: ok if you are using that tone of voice i'm going home
Him: maybe you should.. by the way i've decided to name my kid Lee Harvey Oswald
Her: real mature
Him: no seriously; it is in stone. My kid is gonna be screwed from the get go. I think it is a great life lesson.
Her: bye
Him: bye
Her: have a good night
Him: you too