Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

St. Louis, Missouri USA



This argument took place over the phone, after L explains to B a ghost story she heard from a friend on a recent visit to the alleged haunted house. L has successfully scared herself upon telling this story. She is in her room. Alone. It is dark and windy outside.
B: (in an unaffected tone.) Wow. That sounds pretty scary.
L: It is scary. And now I'm freaked out. Tell me a happy story so I don't have nightmares.
B: I don't know any happy stories.
L: Yes you do! Of course you do! I could think of a million happy stories... you can't think of just one?!
B: No.
L: Well you could make one up... What's the matter with you?
B: Nothing. I just don't know any happy stories. Go watch a funny movie or something.
L: I don't want to watch a funny movie. I want you to comfort me.
B: (raising his voice) Baby, it's not real. It's fucking made up shit that that guy told you to scare you. Ghosts are not real! It's just like that myth about seeing a girl in a window during a thunderstorm or something. It's made up. It's fucking retarded. Just go to sleep... you'll be fine.
L: (getting angry) I'm not fine! I am alone and scared and I asked you to tell me a happy fucking story and all you are doing is saying I'm stupid for buying into it! Goodnight.
B: You're being -
L: Goodnight! (hangs up the phone)