Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Courtney Kennedy
St. Louis, Missouri USA



A couple sits in a small 4 door sports car-type-car. They are in the drive-thru of an ice cream stand. You know, the kind of ice cream stand that has a drive-thru and a patio and sells hamburgers too. It is night, shortly before the ice cream stand closes, and it's busy. The girl is at the driver's seat. The boy is in the passenger seat. They have just ordered.
Boy: You really need to clean out your glove compartment. There's all sorts of weird stuff sticking out of it. When did you get this hat?
Girl: Fuck You!
Boy: Hey, I'm sorry all right! I was just trying to-
Girl: No, I wasn't talking to you; I was talking to those kids over there.
Both of them look at a table full of young people, most of them not much younger than the couple. They laugh at them as soon as the couple makes eye contact. They windows in the car are up, so they can't really hear more than muffled guffaws from the crowd, and the crowd can't hear them at all.
Girl: Fucking assholes.
Boy: What's wrong, did they say something to you?
Girl: Did you look at them?
Boy: What?
Girl: Did you look at them? Did you do something? Did you make some weird face at them like you always do at people!?
The girl is seems exasperated and near tears.
Boy: No! What's wrong, do you know them? I've never seen those people in my life. What did they do? Did they say something? Should I go talk to them?
Girl: No! Just tell me, did you look at them? Did you say something or make some weird face-
Boy: Did you hear what I just said to you like, 30 seconds ago?
Girl: No.
Boy: No! I did not look at them, I did not do anything, I was just sitting here. Is that good enough for you? What is wrong?
There is a pause. The people sitting at the patio have left by now. The girl has trouble catching her breath and looks as if she has just realized something. She puts her face in her hands.
Girl: Oh God. I'm so sorry. I don't know what I just did.