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Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Baltimore, Maryland USA
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(I just walked in the door, I was at work all day.)
Me: I was wondering, if we could move the couch? Maybe against the wall, so it is'nt in the way, so much. (a big non-sectional, 50's wrap-around, 11 ft.)
Jared: No. If it is out of the way, then you are never going to get rid of it.
Me: I am going to. I have tried, my add wasn't printed in the paper, for some reason.
Jared: I know.
Me: We can move it over there and then move the organ and the bikes somewhere on this wall.
Jared: I don't want to move the whole room around.
Me: (in my mind: "that is not the whole room).
Jared: I already helped move that couch once before. It almost killed me.
Me: This won't involve any lifting, just pushing. Please, I just want to make this space more comfortable for when those guys move in.
Jared: You Just want to not get rid of it.
Me: Oh man! That is not what I am saying.
(I go upstairs and try to fix something on the stupid computer, Aylssa calls. I don't tell her that we are fighting. Jared wants to leave the basement, but he is traped (he dosn't want to walk pass me). He finally comes up and I am on the black futon hugging an owl pillow from Ikea.)
Me: I can't believe, that you think that I am trying to trick you into keeping thatt big, stupid couch here. I hate it. It one of the worst things I every did. I feel horrible that other people have to live with it now.
Jared: Yeah. (starts walking up stairs to the bedroom)
Me: Why are you walking away from me?!
Jared: Aren't I allowed to walk in my own house?!!
Me:(yelling from below) That's not what I'm saying. Your'e such a jerk! (I don't think he heard me) I just want to move the couch a little, its just fuckin couch!!!(yelled much louder)
(I grab my jacket, pocket- book and keys. I think i am going to got to the library to use their computer. I end up at a bar, where the beer is really strong. I sit at a table by the window. The palce is full of idoits screaming, carrying on the happy hour.)
(I see a strange seeming middle-age man looking at me from the street. I turn away.
On my way back to the house the man rides up to me on a bike)
Man: I was leaving the bar and I looked up to the window. I saw you, there was something... And I thought that girl is sitting all alone, looking like she needs someone to talk to. A freind.
Me: I have friends to talk to. But I don't want to talk to any of them. I am just in a bad mood.
Man: Okay, I can understand that.
Me: Thanks, have a good time(on your bike, I meant).
Man: Take care
(I keep walking.)