Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Julia Hungerford
Knoxville, Tennessee USA



Me: I went by that Typewriting shop I was telling you about and they are having a going out of business sale. Do you wanna go over there with me after I eat and look for Whisk-Hutzel office supplies?
Will: Ok.
(I cook a sandwich and eat it.)
Me: Do you want to go over to the store now?
Will: Um, Can I see what reverse banjo sounds like first? ( plugs in banjo to delay pedal)
Me: Yeah, sure I guess so.
( I sit down and try to unsuccessfully print a document from my computer, which causes beeps and automated voices to be emitted, and blend well with the banjo sounds. Will decides this is something he must record and pulls up the program on his computer, then proceeds to add to the amalagam of noise.)
Me: How about you wrap this up? (getting irritated at computer + noise) Don't you want to go to the typewriter store?
Will: Well I don't really have very much time before I have to go to work.
Me: Well that's why I wanted to go, like, 20 minutes ago.
Will: But you were doing stuff on the computer.
Me: Yeah, but I didn't start that until you already asked me if you could play reverse banjo.
Will: Yeah, but I was waiting for you to finish.
Me: Well, do you want to go or not?
Will: No, I don't think I do now.
Me: Well, I'm going. And I would have already been there if you had made up your mind sooner.