Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Regan Hofmann
New York, New York USA



Me: (looking in the mirror) I look like a toad.
David: You do not.
Me: I do, I look like a toad right now.
David: Stop it- you're beautiful and you know it. Besides, I don't sleep with toads.
(I snicker as he leaves the room.)
Me: (raising my voice so he can hear me in the next room) Let the record reflect that I did not say a word.
David: Mmhmm.
Me: Because you set me up really well there. You set me up, but I want it known that I said nothing.
David: (coming back into the room) You need to not say that.
Me: Why?
David: You need to not say that.
Me: Yes, I caught that part. Give me a little more to work with.
David: You just need to not say that. There was a lot wrong with that time in my life, but my aesthetic choices are not part of it. Besides, there are a lot of things I could say in response to that that I really don't want to say. So don't say that, please.
Me: (taken aback) Okay, fine.
(Silences, small talk. I'm feeling hurt but rightfully so; I know that I was in the wrong. We go to leave the house.)
David: I don't see why you would want to make fun of my taste in women.
Me: It's not about you.
David: Well, then, what?
Me: I don't say it to make you feel bad. I say it to make myself feel better.
David: What is there to feel better about? I love you. I don't understand.
Me: I know. I don't, either. Let's go.