Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Dave G.
Baltimore, Maryland USA



At a bar. Two Others order a soup and sandwich. We enter the scene in mid conversation.
Me: So the toasted bread makes the sandwich?
Other: Yeah. I love me a good sandwich with...
Other: It's TOAST. Not toasted bread. It's just toast.
Me: If the bread is part of a sandwich, I think I should still call it bread. So it's toasted bread, not just toast.
Other: When the bread leaves the toaster, it becomes toast. When you were growing up and your mom made toast, you didn't call it toasted bread, did you? (sarcastically) Yeah, that's what I thought.
Me: True. The breakfast bread that's toasted is indeed toast. But I think there's a pretty definitive difference between a piece of toast that is solo and by itself, with some butter and potentially some jelly or jam, and a piece of bread that's toasted for the reason of making a sandwich.
Other: It's toast.
Me: So when Subway or Quiznos toasts a roll for your sub, what do you call that?
Other: Toast is specific to bread. A roll can be toasted.
Me: Aha! That's what I'm saying. Why is bread so special? Why can't I call a toasted roll or bun toast?
Other: That's just stupid. Bread becomes toast. End of story. Rolls can BE toasted but it doesn't BECOME toast like bread does.
Me: I agree with that. But when used as a part of a sandwich, it's simply toasted bread. Bread that's been toasted but not just toast.
Other: It's like frozen water is called ice. Toasted bread is called toast.
Me: I agree with you to a point. It's just the toasted bread becoming part of a sandwich that changes it for me. It's not just toast. It's part of something bigger than itself so it can't just be called toast.
Other: It's just toast.