Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Molly Evans
Savannah, Georgia USA



Him: DO NOT offer to cover that shift. We talked about this at the meeting. People who send mass emails don't deserve your hard earned time. And by the way - his subject was a lie - and a 99 cents song should be no apology for acting in such a manner. Thanks.
Me: You don't have to be such an asshole about it. I know you were not joking at all in that email because you have no recognizable sense of humor. No one probably appreciated that tone that you took to completely humiliate him, who by the way I am sure has FAR MORE seniority than you will EVER have simply because of the way that he handles himself within the group. We are not a group to thrash out in such ways as you have just handled yourself and I suggest that you -seriously- take your tone somewhere else if you would like a group that will hail you as a dominate force for being such a hateful bastard. we do not appreciate it and furthermore you have NO RIGHT TO ENFORCE ANY SORT OF RULE. if you want to talk to me directly about it than do so. my name is molly, awhile ago we had american government together, so you might already know who i am. don't you ever do anything like that again.
Him: I don't adhere to reprimands that aren't from officers. Also, I didn't see you at the most recent meeting, but if you were there, you would have seen that we discussed this at length. I've already been spoken to about this issue and since you do not have the authority take such a tone with me, I do believe an apology is in order.
Me: I didn't spend three completely loyal years forming the station to the strength it is now, one administrative year included, to have you belittle me for taking a quarter off when i have needed to the most--and i don't have to apologize to you for standing up for my friend! how dare you!
i chose not to humiliate you in front of everyone the way that you did to him. talk about not taking reprimands from someone that is not an officer--i hope you have apologized to ed because honestly he is an incredibly nice person. i do recognize that i made personal stabs at you and i apologize for that. however, I maintain that you should open up your perimeter to how you see the station, it is a musical community we are forming, not a musical heirarchy.