Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Sunshine Coast, AUSTRALIA



Me and my best friend Cass used to smoke a lot of weed. We had this argument sitting in a circle of friends at our house having a session.
Me: Can I chop?
Cass: No
Me: Why not?
Cass: Cos you don't do it right, and you take too long
Me: Ok, fine then
Me: Can I pack
Cass: No
Me: Why?!
Cass: Cos you don't do it right, you either put too much in and it gets blocked or too little and it pulls through too quick
Me: No I don't
Cass: Yeah you do last time the pipe got all blocked
Me: Whatever you do it then
(Cass chops up the weed and proceeds to pack me a cone)
Cass: Here
Me: Thanks
(I smoke my cone and proceed to begin regaling my friends with some story)
Cass: Erin, fuckin hell give it back its not a microphone (snaps her fingers at me)
Me: What?
Cass: Its not a microphone, other people are in the circle as well
Me: Ok sorry I was just chatting
Cass: Well feel free to chat, just give the bong back first
Me: Ok ok jeez
Cass: Well erin youre not the only person who wants to get stoned you know
Me: I know that, im just tryin to chill out
Cass: Yeah well after we all get stoned we can all chill all we want
Me: Ok fine here here im finished
Cass: No you're not, the chambers full of dead smoke still, blow that shit out man im not doing it for you and neither is natasha (sitting to my right in the circle)
Me: Ok fuck sor-ry I cant do anything right today can i
Cass: Well fuck erin you're the first in the circle and im the last, you cant just smoke your cone then sit there all mellow hanging on to the bong like it's a microphone while everyone else sits there waiting and listening to your bullshit - we've all been at work all day too you know!
Me: Well you don't fucking have to be last, I told you I wanted to pack! Next time just fucking pack me last!
Cass: I will
Me: Fine
Me: Ill try not to break any more of cassidy's golden session rules
Cass: Look its not that hard, just smoke your cone, blow out the deads and give the fuckin thing back, its not that hard
Me: Whatever