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Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Matija Erceg
Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA



CW: Not Sarcastic, serious
Me: serious that you think eggs are dairy?
CW: Yes
ME: but what about the site i showed you?
it clearly states that eggs are not dairy
because they do not come from cows
dair·y Audio pronunciation of "dairy" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (dâr) n. pl. dair·ies 1. A commercial establishment for processing or selling milk and milk products. 2. A place where milk and cream are stored and processed. 3. A dairy farm. 4. The dairy business; dairying. adj. 1. Of, for, or relating to milk or milk products: the dairy section at the grocery store. 2. Of or relating to dairying. 3. Judaism. Of, relating to, or intended for the consumption or preparation of milk or milk products exclusively, as dictated by dietary law.
milk and milk only
CW: ok but what you said that dairy was from the old English heritage of the baker, so as we know it, it is a dairy classification
ME: i said that?
all i ever said is that MAYBE it's a popular misconception that eggs are dairy, so thats why it might be considered dairy by many people, but i dont even think that's true, cause dairy HAS to be from milk, like cheese and cream.. which eggs are not
CW: You did say that
ME: no, you said that and i said that maybe thats right
CW: lol
ME: but do you still think eggs are dairy?
CW: yes
ME: why?
CW: Actually they aren't, as I know someonewho is allergic to dairy and she eats eggs?????????
*note* my girlfriend was reading this, and wanted me to write back 'No shit, Sherlock'
ME: from http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/stevecarper/qanda991.htm: a) For some reason, probably since eggs are so often found in the "dairy" case in supermarkets, many people believe that eggs are dairy products and need to be avoided. This is completely false. Eggs come from chickens, not cows. They contain absolutely no lactose.
CW: Okay
A misconception
ME: ok then
eggs are not dairy