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Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

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A couple is travelling on a city bus together in the city.
You: Hey, isn't this where we usually get off the bus to get to your sisters?
Me: Well, mapquest says to get off at 29th and Burke....I think it'll be a ways
You: I swear that was the stop...I totally recognize that school.
Me: It could be a faster way...should we get off then?
You: I don't know....
Me: Well, if were going to get off we have to decided Right Now (voice rising sounding agitated and urgent)
You: Hey, I don't know where were going, you're the one with the map (Shoulders shrug...looking away)
Me: Well, YOU take a look at the bloody map!! (Thrusts map into boy's lap)
You: Look, I'm just saying that it looks like that's where we usually get off
Me: Quick, Quick...go ask the bus driver....GO GO (Slightly Pushes boy off seat)
You: You're the one who knows where were going! Why are you freaking out??
Me: I'M NOT FREAKING OUT! Maybe I don't know! How am I supposed to know if the map is right!! I'm SO sick and tired of being the one who always makes all the f***ing decisions! Why can't you just take some control for once and make a decision!! I need some help every once in a while!
You: Look, I don't know what your problem is, but I hate it when you freak out like this...
Me: Whatever...it's too late now. Just forget it.
Both turn away from each other and travel in silence.