Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Karen Olson Edwards
St. Paul, Minnesota USA



DANIEL: We need 10 more quarters to finish the laundry.
KAREN: (rising and walking over to waitress apron) I might--
DANIEL: I already got those.
KAREN: Well, then I don't think we have any quarters.
DANIEL: Oh. Oh well.
KAREN: That's okay. You washed my work shirt and my work pants, right?
DANIEL: Your work shirt, but not your work pants.
KAREN: My jeans though?
DANIEL: I didn't see your jeans.
KAREN: That's my only pair of pants though! I've been wearing this skirt for 3 days because I didn't have my jeans clean. Those are the only pants that fit me!
DANIEL: I didn't see them. Maybe I washed them. I don't know.
KAREN: Well, if I would have known you were doing laundry, I would have picked the stuff I need for tomorrow out of it.
DANIEL: (sighs)
KAREN: I'm just frustrated. I'm sick of not having any money and only having one pair of jeans that fit.
DANIEL: I'm frustrated too.
KAREN: (sighs)
DANIEL: Actually, if we had 2 more quarters we could do one more load.
KAREN: Like, one more wash?
DANIEL: No, one more load.
KAREN: Oh. Load like wash AND dry?
KAREN: Do we have any cash left?
KAREN: Well, where are we supposed to get two more quarters?
DANIEL: Boots and Mark.
KAREN: They're not home from the cabin yet.
DANIEL: You have a key to their apartment though.
DANIEL: I'm kidding you know.
KAREN: (sighs)
DANIEL: Andy and Lexi.
KAREN: If they're not working they probably aren't up yet.
DANIEL: (Looking under bed for change) Okay. (He doesn't move)
(KAREN picks up telephone and starts to dial)
(DANIEL picks up piggy bank full of pennies, nickels and dimes and starts to open it)
KAREN: (hanging up telephone) What are you doing!? We just opened that last week! There aren't any quarters in there!
DANIEL: (setting down piggy bank) We have to give Andy and Lexi some change though.
KAREN: Just----nevermind. I'll just get some quarters from work and just do some tomorrow.
DANIEL: Why are you being so mad!?
KAREN: I need that stuff for tomorrow!
DANIEL: You don't have to get so mad about it!
KAREN: Well, what am I supposed to do tomorrow?
DANIEL: (storms out.)
KAREN (walking into kitchen) I--
DANIEL: DON'T. Just---don't talk to me right now.
(KAREN leaves the kitchen, puts on her shoes, picks up her backpack, and returns to the kitchen.)
KAREN: Look, I know you don't want to talk, but I'm sorry.
DANIEL: (nods)
KAREN: I'm sorry. I'm going to the library.