Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Nashville, Tennessee USA



R: (looks at clock; it is a little after 5 in the afternoon) Hey, babe, would you set the alarm for 6:30 in the morning?
Me: sure
R: (an hour later) did you set the alarm for 6:30?
Me: I haven't been upstairs, yet. I'll set it when I go to bed.
R: I don't want to be late.
Me: (sharply) I know. I'll set it.
R: (sighs) I don't know how to set the alarm.
Me: (rolls eyes) Don't worry about it. Have I ever--in five years--NOT set the alarm?
R: No.
Me: O.K. then.
R: (at 8:15) Don't forget to set the alarm for me.
Me: You don't have to keep telling me. You do this every time. I'll set it for 6:30 as soon as I go to bed. I've never forgotten to set the alarm for you--ever--in all the time we've been together. Trust me.
R: I just don't want to miss my plane.
Me: (annoyed) I know that. I don't want you to, either. Just let it go. I've got it covered. I will set the alarm before I go to bed.
R: (snippy) Don't forget.
Me: (shaking my head and sighing loudly)
R: (10:14 p.m.) Did you set the alarm yet?
Me: (ignoring her, turns up the television)
Me: (turning off the alarm at 6:30 in the morning) It's time to get up.
R: okay (keeps lying in bed)
Me: (a little louder) Get up. You're going to be late.
R: mmmm.
Me: argh.