Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Yeasbha Chowdhury



Me: Sharmin!
Sharmin: What?
Me: Sharmin?
Sharmin: WHAT!?
Me: Sharmin come here!
Sharmin: What do you want?
Zairul: Sis she won't come, she's being lazy.
Me: Come here, I want to show you something!
Sharmin: No!
Me: Come here now!
Sharmin: Fucking hell! I'm coming...What?
Me: Why the fuck do you keep taking my stuff?!!!
Sharmin: What?
Me: Don't fucking start that again! Why the fuck do you keep taking my stuff?
Sharmin: What stuff!
Me: What stuff my fat ass, look! I aint stupid or blind!
Sharmin: That was there, I found it there!
Me: Fuck you, you found it there! Your so stupid and such a stupid liar!
Sharmin: Mum left it there.
Me: Shut up! That's it, what else do you have?
Sharmin: Nothing.
Me: Yeah my fucking ass nothing! You so stupid you know that! Bloody borrow, my stuff I don't care, bloody I tell you all the time you can borrow my stuff, but fucking you just invite your self in my room and just take it and never fucking give it back! What's your problem?
Sharmin: I didn't take it, found it in my room.
Me: Don't fucking give me that, fucking, you now its mine, and its new, and you've used it! How can you just say you've found it, when you've used it as well? I aint fucking stupid!... See that's mine...That's mine...fucking hell man! Next time just ask! And next time you take something of mines, then that's it I'm jus going to burn some of your stuff!