Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Shannon Bramer
Toronto, Ontario CANADA



Daughter: Dad, no, I'm sorry'I can't take you out in public looking like that!
Father: What, why?!
Daughter: Oh my God, Dad! That rip goes all the way up the side of your pants! It looks terrible. You can see your leg! And your shirt has stains all over it.
Father: Well, I had a few cups of coffee today, so what?--I went to Tim Horton's twice--twice!
Daughter: Dad, please!
Father: Ahhhh. This hell hole. You wouldn't last a day in this hell hole. You couldn't do it!
Daughter: Dad, please, I can't. You have to change your clothes before we go out.
Father: Shannon, it doesn't matter what I look like. What counts is on the inside. C'mon!
Daughter: I know that, Dad, but you've got to take pride in your appearance! If you don't people will think you've lost your marbles.
Father: Lost my marbles!?
Daughter: We're throwing those pants in the garbage. They're garbage.
Father: What! No, Shannon. (looks incredulous) These are my favourite pants. They just need to be sewed up along the seam, along the seam! You don't just throw things out because they get a rip in them! You forgot to bring a needle and thread! You forgot'remember I asked you to bring a needle and thread to sew my comforter. The stuffing's coming out--remember I called you and asked you to bring a needle and thread.
Daughter: We're getting you a new comforter today, too. I can't sew it up, Dad. I have a three-year-old, remember??? I don't have time to sew it up. It's in tatters, anyway. We're getting rid of it. And please, Dad, you've got to change. Please. I'll help you. Come on!
Father: What--I can't go around looking like a hobo!? (laughs)
Daughter: No. You can't. I can't go out with you looking like that. Please Dad. Please, I want us to get going.
Father: Ahhhh. Ahhh. Then I have to take my shoes off again! (Daughter bends to help Father with shoes)
Daughter: Dad, I know it's difficult for you to change your clothes, I know that. I'm sorry. But I can't take you out wearing ripped clothes. People will think I don't care about you.
Father: You don't care about me?
Daughter: People will think that. (sigh--long pause) Dad, I have limited time here. I've got to get back to Sadie in a few hours. Let me help you! I will help you with your shirt. Come on. (walks over to the closet and shuffles through a few shirts hanging on wire hangers. Finds a grey t-shirt with BAVARIA written across the front and a pair of shiny silver lounge pants.)
Father: What's that?
Daughter: A shirt.
Father: Where'd that come from?
Daughter: I don't know. Johnny must have given it to you.
Father: Those pants are too long! They drag. That's why I like these ones.
Daughter: I'll take the ripped ones home and fix them. I won't throw them out. Okay, Dad--I'm sorry. I promise I won't throw them out.
Father: Okay, Shannon. Left side first. You always start with the weaker side. (Shannon struggles to help her father remove the stained shirt and put on the clean one.)
Daughter: I'll give you some privacy now so you can change your pants. Okay? I'll go get the car. I'll be right back. Okay?!
Father: Alright, Shannon. Go get the car.