Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Calgary, CANADA



(Dave and Beth are watching "Me and You and Everyone We Know, the impetus coincidently for Beth finding this website)
Dave: This is such a beautiful, stark movie, huh
Beth: I know
(Dave and Beth share a moment where they just stare into each other's eyes where Beth imagines that they discover some sort of understanding after the horrible breakup they went through six months ago)
"Beep, Beep"
(Dave takes out his phone to read and reply to a text message)
"Beep, Beep" (Repeat) "Beep, Beep" (Repeat)
"Bring, Bring"
Dave: Hello?
Sketchy voice on the phone: Hey, we're down at f*@$ing Morgan's [pub], you should f@%^ing come down!
Blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, blah, blah
Dave: I'll be down there soon; I'm just watching a movie with someone.
(Hangs up phone)
Dave: ok, I have to go
Beth: umm hmm
Dave: Are you mad, you can tell me if you're mad.
Beth: Of course I'm mad. I'm mad that you're a selfish jerk who spends time with me to reassure himself that I'm still here and I still care. I'm mad that I let you do it. I'm mad that something better comes up (Morgan's?) and you just fuck right off, just like you fucked off to France... with no preamble and seemingly with no regret.
Dave: I was just going to go down for 5 minutes. This girl's my old roommate...
Beth: I don't care how or why or who she is. What I care about is that you called and asked to come over, you asked me to be your friend, and now you're treating me like a disposable diaper...
Dave: I have to go...
Beth: Good that's what you're best at.
(Door Slams!)
(Beth feels better)