Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Jackson, Wyoming USA



Me: Do you have wrestling Friday?
B: Why (Responds in an irritated manner, while surfing the net)?
Me: I was just wondering if you had any plans on Friday...
B: Why? What do you think I'm doing? (Still surfing sounding more irritated).
Me: I don't know that's why I'm asking (getting irritated). Do you have wrestling on Friday?
B: What does it matter what I have going on Friday? Do you need me to watch Dave or something? What do YOU have going on Friday? (Sounding exasperated)
Me: I was just going to lunch-
B: And you want me to watch Dave (angry now). What do you think I do? Nothing?
Me: No I was just wondering in case we were going to do something as a familiy or if you weren't going to be around so I could go to lunch-
B: And me watch dave. (clearly irritated and not listening to what I am saying).
Me: No I was planning on taking him with me.
B: No you weren't, you didn't think I had anything going on so you wanted me to watch Dave while you go to lunch.
Me: No, I told you I was planning on taking him with me (temper rising, irritation in voice)
B: You said that, but you weren't thinking it.
Me: (Clearly angry now, rising voice) So everything I say is just a compulsive lie, is that it? I don't appreciate you putting words in my mouth.
B: I'm not, you were thinking it.
Me: No I wasn't but if it's that much of a problem then when ever I do need you to watch Dave I'll instead get a baby sitter since it's that much of an inconvenience for you.
B: (In a matter-of-fact statement)Oh, so now I can't even watch my own son. Are you saying that I'm not capable of being a father?
Me: No, I'm just saying that it seems that even when I'm not asking you to watch dave, you still put words in my mouth and assume I'm dumping him on you. It's not like you've even watched him recently.
B: So you were going to ask me to watch him.
Me: Think what ever you want, I'm not going there.
B: Fine (walks away angry)