Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

St Petersburg, Florida USA



setting= sitting at the dining room table playin rummy late at night
me: Oh my god, why am I so irritable??
COFFEY: I was noticing that too. It's so unlike you.
me: I've been doing coke everyday for this past week.
COFFEY: What?!
me: Yeah, so I think it has something to do with that. Like, I really want some.
me: This past week.
COFFEY: Yeah, but...ok....Saturday, Friday Thursday....
me:Yeah..I did some this morning too.
COFFEY: This morning??
me: Mm-hmm
COFFEY: Why didn't you tell me?
me: I don't know. I wanted to but I wasn't sureif you'd be mad and kick me out or something. You might have freaked out.
COFFEY: Eva, you know I wouldn't do that. And plus, we already talked abou this last wek, about how I'd still do a line?
COFFEY: Well, one, you didn't offer to share and two, you continued to do it at home even while having doubts about the situation. And you waited until after the fact to tell me. Until it was convenient for you.
me: What?? It's been a week. I didn't wait until the end of anything. I'll probably do it again. I WILL do it again! Just cause I don't happen to have any one me doesn't mean I waited until it was convenient to tell you.
me: Are you disappointed in me?
COFFEY: No, I love you. I just want you to be careful. I lost a sequence of five years of my life because of that stuff. Man, I thought I was a king. I'd buy a gram, then red wine, fuit and chese, go home, vut it down the middle, turn the shower on as hot as possible, snort half a gram up each nostril, then jump in the shower and as soon as the water hit me it was like (makes a forceful noise like 'BAM' or something and jerks body/head straight back)
me: WOW
COFFEY: But...I'm still trying to piece back together details of my life. You have to really be careful.
me: uh-huh