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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Florence, ITALY



From Bex, my sister
Thom is at art college in Florence right now. He spends most of his free time hanging out with friends, creating music and art, and doing school work. He is really creative, and spends most of his time creating really cool things. He is extremely talented at everything he does, which makes life difficult for his little sister! He loves to be outside and to explore, and he hates staying in the same place for a long time. He loves to travel and see the world.
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From Jackie, my mum
Thom lives his life with deep thought, soaking up life's experiences most of the time. He is an avid traveller & therefore his time in Italy will be one he wishes to experience as fully as possible. I imagine his life in Florence often. He is definitely walking through the streets with his camera, looking for those evocative photos, watching the interaction of people at a cafe, smoking a cigarette,(unfortunately) & absorbing life happening around him. His sketch book will be close at hand at all times & I can imagine him concentrating as he draws, his fingers being chewed on as he concentrates! I'm pretty sure he'll be drinking too many glasses of wine but I also imagine him with a group of friends, sat chatting, smoking, his arm around Sam. Thom is an engaging person with a wide interest in many things, therefore a fascinating person to converse with. Sketching, painting & writing, his music playing in the background or playing his guitar or sitting reading are his way of relaxing, as is getting up late, & cooking some fried concoction whilst listening to the BBC on his computer. As for his college time my guess is that he's enthusiastic with some of his classes, and puts up with others. I would imagine most of his professors enjoy his quick, acerbic wit. As for friends he must be a good guy to know as he has many. I know he is a loyal friend, kind & supportive &, once you get used to his sarcasm, entertaining. Thom is my son & I couldn't be prouder of the man he's become.
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From Martin, my dad
Thom is possibly the most creative person I know.
Not creative with his hands necessarily, but mentally he's very creative indeed. It is rare when Thom is not creating something - be it photographic, drawing or painting, music, song lyrics, poems or short stories. Thom is currently at Art College in Florence so is busy with all the projects that are necessary for his classes, but knowing Thom he is also working on some things for his own amusement, like writing songs and performing then at an 'open mic' session at a local bar. Thom has inherited his Fathers love of travel, the beauty of nature... and the rather unusual ability of becoming close friends with members of the opposite sex. Thom is a very loyal and caring person who everyone seems to like, and many of us love. Right now, he is probably reading, drawing or making music, probably with a beer and a smoke somewhere nearby.