Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Amy Shapiro
Tucson, Arizona USA



Okay--here's what I think you do.
You get up and hug your dog. Then you give her her breakfast and take her out. You also might hug Billups.You take a shower and put your hair into those little ponytails.
You probably have some breakfast and get ready to go to your class or to your studio. You take your bicycle to school. You might stop for coffee if you have time, especially if you can meet one of your friends at the coffee place.
So you make your art or teach your class. You have a small lunch before or after class. You like to talk to your friends, and spend lots of time hanging out with them.
You have rollerderby practice several times a week and you're really up for that. It's good exercise and you like the people on your team. You also might practice with your band.
You have dinner with Bill and read or watch a movie. You play with your animals and take walks with the the dog.
You probably don't go to bed too early--you're either hanging out with friends or watching TV or reading.
And that's what I think is a typical day for you.
- - - - - - - - - -
In her free time, Amy loves to give attention to her dog and her cat. She also loves to talk about them as if they were her own children! She loves playing on the rollerderby team and doing artwork (right now her art reflects sexual images, mainly masturbation scenes, and with this, asks the viewer what it is about the female, in a sexual situations, that makes the viewer uncomfortable). She's excellent at the drums and enjoys playing with her new band! She also loves to read. She's very intelligent. Between school, teaching, band practice, rollerderby, making art, spending time with her boyfriend and her animals, and maintaining a social life, Amy is extremely busy, and I think she likes it that way. She's constantly adding dynamic new features into her life. It seems she's finally found some peace.
- - - - - - - - - -
On the basis of what you have told us here is what I think you do with your time:
Make Art
Make Music
Make Money
Have fun with Bill
Have fun with friends
Have fun with your animals
Roller derby
It sounds like a great life to me.