Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Jessica Rawlings
Astoria, New York USA



Jessica is busy thinking about inspiration. About places to go eat foods that inspire her, a trip to the farmer's market and what she can make with fresh produce. Which concerts, art shows or parties would be fun and who'd she'd like to go with her. If the weather is dry, she might ride her fold-up bike and find new angles of cityscape she hasn't seen. She is trolling the internet for things that make her laugh or distract her from boredom. She is imagining her next lover. She is thinking of being home for Christmas. She is considering queer nights at hookah bars and free exhibitions. She is wondering what kind of jobs she might find in Seattle or Portland with a librarian's degree. She is wallowing in the dark clouds that converge when she fails to find enough distraction. She is thinking about filling her roommate's bed with all the soiled dishes and take-away boxes that she leaves rotting in the common spaces. She is considering what she'd like to drink. She is inhabiting the space of daydreams and imagination, knowing full well that she will only act on a few of her ideas. She is thinking of how important it is for her life to be an expression of her creative ideals and how nice it is to find people who share her enthusiasm and how hard they are to find. She is thinking which shoes go best with this outfit before leaving her apartment; she's changed her mind four times already. She is taking portraits of herself made-up like someone bedraggled and lost, because that is how she feels right now. She is updating her social networking profile with the latest quotes she's read that inspired her. She is thinking.
- - - - - - - - - -
Okay, thanks to a reminder from your brother, I'm finally getting to this.
So, what do I think you do with your time? Well, you go to classes at Pratt Institute for your MA in Library Science. You study for those classes. You work your job at the school and your internship at the photo library. You clean your apartment when necessary. You make your morning coffee with a French Press. You hang out with Emily at Club Bar, drinking vodka and/or beer but not wine. You find new, yummy places to eat. You hang with your school friends at other establishments, like Bar 6. You shop for groceries, usually at the Bravo Market (do I remember the name right?). You go to museums and art galleries when you have the time. You work on interesting photo projects with your wild and crazy friends, often modeling for them.
You listen to music and watch movies on your computer. You go dancing at clubs. You take the subway and walk everywhere, telling everyone with you that "it's not that far." Sometimes you ride your bike. Sometimes you practice your drum lessons.
- - - - - - - - - -
Jessica currently spends most of her time in class, on class assignments, working at two internships or work-study in pursuit of her Master's Degree. Since her degree is in Library Science, I believe she spends much of her time in research. As for spare time she enjoys cooking, eating, spending time with friends wining, dining and dancing! She is also an avid reader and somewhat catholic in her taste as to what she reads. Attending live performances and museum exhibits are among her other "spare" time interests. And, of course, there is the "shopping gene" which is firmly entrenched in her. Shopping can be for clothing (often at thrift stores) or for food and specialty items or just "window" shopping for the fun of it.