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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Kaylee Pickinpaugh
Richmond, Virginia USA



Shawna (stepmom)
Kaylee has matured into a very responsible adult. She is thrifty and sensible with her money and is a very hard worker. She has an excellent work ethic and takes on tasks with a can do attitude. I am very proud of her artistic abilities, she is beginning to develop a style all her own and has a reason for what she creates. Her success in this area keeps her motivated to create more and she is growing to be a very capable artist. She has some long term goals that involve traveling, and continuing to develop her career as an artist. She has a good business sense and I hope she can put those two things together. I also hope she uses her writing abilities and creative mind together and possibly write and illustrate her own book some day. She recently mentioned she was excited for christmas break so she could devote an extended amount of time to her artwork. She is really beginning to see what it is going to take to make it in the art world, I have no doubt that she can do whatever she sets her mind to.
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My daughter is attending VCU pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. I believe that she wants to work in a career utilizing her abilities and talent in art, specifically in drawing, painting, sculpture, and graphic design. I think Kaylee would be well suited to be an illustrator for books or a fashion designer. However, I also think she would be very successful being an owner of her own store that served a variety of coffees, soft drinks, food and was able to display her art work in a gallery format. Kaylee is adventurous, intelligent, and strong willed. Her work ethic and determination to be successful will certainly help her achieve her goal(s). Kaylee is a person who likes nature and the outdoors, she likes to travel, and enjoys animals. I would love to see her move and work out west, possibly Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho or Montana.
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I think she is enjoying her college days, because she knows there a lot of years during which to work for a living. She is hanging out with her friends, because she is a very social person. In hanging out with her friends, she is starting a mini-network of people who know not only her, but the kind of art work she does. I believe that she is taking her every day experiences and working them into her art. For instance, she doesn't have much money so she figures out ways to cut down on equipment costs and supplies. I don't think it is dumpster diving, exactly--she is just trying to figure out ways to use ordinary objects and materials as a basis for art. She is also working as a Sandwich Artist at Subway. There's no getting away from art in her life.
So, what is she doing with her life? Going to classes, making friends, creating new art pieces, working, enjoying life. I think she is doing a lot with her existence, and she makes this world a better place in which to live. I'm not saying that because I am her mom...