Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Joanna Pena
Los Angeles, California USA



I would describe Joanna as a very outgoing, loving and caring person. She is full of energy, loves to try new activities and always has a project in mind. When she sets her mind on something to do or achieve she always follows through. She is friendly, likes people, loves to watch movies-especially in private theaters that show movies with more intellectual topics. She loves fashion which is what her job revolves around, hoping to make it to the top. She gets up in the morning with a nice attitude and starts her day either going to work or working from home. She is always interested in learning and reading about fashion so she can do her best at work. She sometimes has to work weekends and late nights taking photos for work but she doesn't complain because she's dedicated to her job. I'm proud that she knows how to cook and try new recipes that are good and healthy. She always tries to eat healthy although she does have a weakness for sweets. When she's off she reads a lot, visits her friends or family- which she enjoys and loves, and tries different kinds of entertainment, always learning as she goes. I'm sure that at the end of the day she goes to bed , says a small prayer and closes her eyes thinking about all the things she accomplished that day and the people she loves.
- - - - - - - - - -
At this very moment Joanna is sitting in the area of her Silver Lake apartment that is designated for "office activities." She is sitting at her computer laboriously sifting through pictures of the upcoming fall fashions. She leans back in her chair and lets her mind wander for a moment. "I'm kinda hungry. What should I eat for lunch? Maybe I'll just get a latte and go buy some magazines." She rises and walks into her bedroom where she puts on her favorite jean skirt, a vintage tank top, and some flip-flops; it's hot out today.
The exterior of her 90s jetta is covered in a thin concoction of dirt and dust, with certain areas highlighted by bird droppings. She is saving for a new car and would rather not waste money on a car wash. Her car grumbles steadily as she directs it towards Vermont Ave.
Joanna stands, scanning the rows of magazines neatly arranged on the corner of Melbourne and Vermont. It takes her under two minutes to spend 35 dollars on three magazines. The magazines will be thoroughly studied, filed into her library and written off at tax time. She proceeds onto Vermont and stops at a French cafˇ to get that latte she's been craving.
Back at home Joanna logs on to her yahoo email where she discovers a news article outlining the abusive practices of Halliburton in Iraq. The article describes Halliburton's shady secret contracts, excessive charging, and the serving of expired food to troops. Joanna is shocked and disgusted. She forwards the story to me.
- - - - - - - - - -
My sister, Joanna, is a special individual. Special in the way that I am not to sure what type of work she is doing, and for whom. She tells me that she does "surveillance" for a fashion advertisement company in New York. She is "assigned sectors" too cover and "acquire"photographic images of displays that hold information of the oppositions intentions. It sounds very intense, and being fashion you always have to be busy and one step ahead. But when I call during the day, she tells me she is at home on the computer. Only nannies are at home during the day I tell her. She tells me that she has to do most of her "work" at night. I find it strange that she must perform these "operations" at night. The only people I know that work at night either bake doughnuts or fry eggs. Then when I heard that they gave her a multi-thousand dollar camera, I started to become more suspicious. These "people" must really need some detailed information. My sister has moved around quite a bit now that I think of it. And she is always wearing these big glasses as if to hide her image. And clothes? She has more outfits than George Bush has lies. Our mom is always asking me if I know what Joanna is up to. I tell her I think she is in South America or somewhere probably taking photos for "the company". Then low and behold, two months ago she was in Guatemala. I know! Don*t even ask me about her car. It has dents on it like someone has been trying to run her off the road or something. I just really don*t know anymore. And if I did, would someone try to kill me?