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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Emily Mast
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1. Gets up. Makes coffee for herself and Raul. Maybe with a croissant or beans + rice. Showers, does the dishes, gets dressed. Says au revoir to Raul.
2. Goes to the pool, swims laps.
3. Goes to her studio. Edits video. Writes screenplay. Thinks up new projects.
4. Buys some vegetables at market. Goes back up 107 stairs. Makes a little veggie lunch.
5. Goes to Philippe's to work. Does correspondance. Discusses his latest projects. Makes travel arrangements. Writes. Contributes creatively to his work.
6. Has a glass of wine at a café with a friend or meets Raul somewhere. Chats on cell phone.
7. Has Thai food or Vietnamese food or Japanese food out or cooks a little pasta or roasted veggies or Mexican something at home.
8. Checks her email. Reads. Listens to Ratatat. Talks to Raul about their latest plans. A round of UNO.
9. Also spends a lot of time with her friends, or friends of both her's and Raul's. Likes to entertain.
10. Rides her bike everywhere or gets a ride w/ Raul on his motorcycle.
11. Cleans the apartment, very meticulously. Takes time.
12. Brushes teeth at least 3 x a day.
13. Also works on various creative projects of her own - possibly with her video camera.
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Emily is interested in art and culture. She immerses herself in Paris, living her daily life there, shopping, cleaning, metro-ing. She phones, files and relaxes the French. Almost daily she meets w/ her boss, talking, drawing, brainstorming, refining ideas to be carried out as works of art. Once defined, she creates plans, executes, and follow-ups. She runs around Paris, wrapped in scarves, à la bicycle. She makes plane reservations, edits translations, and coordinates. She wants to produce videos, conceiving and dreaming the elements, then scripting and researching. She interviews, films footage, and edits. She finalizes, packages, and shows the work. She hangs out with Raul, phoning when near, emailing when apart. She cooks him dinner, they dine out together at ethnic restaurants, speaking mostly French, planning their future together. She maintains contact with lots of friends, writes lots of letters, entertains lots of visitors. She encourages them all to follow their hopes and dreams, and in the process discovers their motivations and frustrations, filing ideas away for a future novel.
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My brother Eric:
emily lives in a nice little apartment in paris with her boyfriend. she works for a conceptual artist. she does things nonconceptual things that need to get done like making sure things happen. this often means flying all over the world. she hangs out with various friends in the evening or stays home and reads a book or goes for a walk or goes out to eat at some little cafe type place. on the weekend she goes to her studio to paint and then goes out for pho with raul. she's going to move to mexico though because she's tired of working for another artist and wants to focus on making her own art.