Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Paula Kaluzna
Chicago, Illinois USA



My Dad:
- All she does is draw, draw, draw!
- I wanted her to become a lawyer, but she picked art major instead.
- She is always in a hurry and often loses her keys. Very often. I am not even able to tell how many times I went to Home Depot to get her new keys.
-She is never home on weekends. She is probably out partying or with her boyfriend, Darek.
-She works as a bank teller.
-She takes a lot of photos!
-Paula likes to make occasional late night trips to Walgreens to get her favorite chocolates.
-She is probably stressed now
(that is what she told me) because I caught her smoking in the backyard. She said that it is her last pack. How many packs did she smoke before this one?!
-Her room is a mess. Once, I tripped over her shoes and hit the wall with my head. She has way to many shoes!!!!
-What can I say, she will always be my little girl, no matter what.
- - - - - - - - - -
My mom, Kate:
Paula is always very busy. She always use that excuse whenever I ask her to clean the bathroom. Although, she has time to change her clothes at least four times a day. Last month, she ruined our carpet with oil paint. I was really mad. She cries a lot and yells: "I hate college!!!" She may seem weak, but she is the strongest person I ever know. As a little girl she was never afraid of anything, she wanted to do ten things at once. She usually studies till late night. Sometimes she sleeps in her clothes. I caught her smoking cigarettes last week! I would never thought that she smokes. She promised she wont do it again. Whenever she can she sleeps till late afternoon. Sometimes she comes back from school around 10 pm. I always worry. Last month, she found a little rabbit in our backyard. The poor animal was there by himself and he was probably going to die. Since then we have a rabbit in our house. Once, we let him out and we could find him for three hours. He hided in her closet, in one of her shoes. I love her so much.
- - - - - - - - - -
Eight year old brother
-she like, draw for homework.
-she is college
-she is a hard worker.
-she ahs a boyfriend.
-she is a good sister.
-we play playstation a lot.
-she likes Disney shows like "Hannah Montana" and "Suite Life of Zack and Cody."
-we both have computers.
-sometimes she acts funny I laugh a lot.
-she works in a bank.
-she loves her boyfriend a lot, because they kiss a lot too. I saw it once.