Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Emily Jones
Kew Gardens, New York USA



From Annie Jones, Mom
First you have coffee, either at home or at the with your Kew Gardens friends. While you are there, you start your daily knitting. If you are going to work, you knit on the train on the way in. You are obsessed with whatever you are knitting and work on it at every opportunity. On a really good day, you take the subway to Central Park and walk for hours, stopping at various spots to sit and knit, take photos and enjoy the beauty of the park. You might stop at a deli or market and get a sandwich and something to drink and load that in your backpack for an al fresco picnic. After the park you might go to a knitting club meeting or meet your friends for dinner somewhere in the city or stop in at a Metropolitan Museum, Your favorite place to be. Alternatively, your might take the subway to Brooklyn and poke around flea markets or junk stores for some cheap, interesting find. Many trips to Brooklyn end at your favorite restaurant, Robin de Bois, a little French place with crazy decor and wonderful food. Back home you will eat some simple dinner and watch some favorite TV show or listen to NPR, especially This American Life, of course knitting at the same time. Then off to bed content with another day in New York. Many other days will be filled with mundane tasks such as laundry and cleaning. Some others are filled with volunteering at your literacy project in Brooklyn which I know are special.
- - - - - - - - - -
From Bobby Jones, Dad
It's the weekend so there's no need to catch a train and rush off to work,It's windy with rain in the forecast so that walk in the park,spending time in that favorite spot that you have come to call your own, a place to knit, read, take pictures are just to veg. That trip to the city maybe buy some yarn or get a bite to eat has all been put on hold in favor of a day at home. After the first cup- let the day begin! there's knitting to be done on one of your on-going projects and with this weather if I'm any judge of you, a pot of split pea soup would be great, so with the soup simmering and the new knit job underway a quick call to mom and dad, just to say hi, rounds off a not too shabby day.
- - - - - - - - - -
From Alison Bumstead, Cousin
I imagine life in New York City to be a life lived outside the realms of the imagination. Sex In the City and TRL. Where mayors smoke crack and senators dabble in high class hookers. Where waiting lists for pre-schools are penned prior to conception and conceptions, or rather pre-conceptions, are never better then the real thing. I would like to think a day in New York City is a day well spent. An actual city where the cost of living is truly worth every penny. A $5 dollar cup of coffee? Yes please. A $10 cosmo? I'll take two. $1,200 rent for a 5th floor 400 square foot walk up? What a bargain! It is all worth it, to experience the little bit of euphoria that a day in New york City may induce.
As for my cousin Emily, who lives in Kewt Gardens, I imagine her life to be a bit less frenetic. Her days are spent knitting with friends over coffee in the park. Discussions may center around last night's episode of The Hills or a fantastic new recipe for creme brulee. Yarn is shared amongst the group as are ideas for new projects. Advice is exchanged and words of wisdom are coined into phrases. The dream of their own knitting store is currently their obsession. Her nights are spent drinking wine, an earthy merlot, talking politics with her intellectual neighbors. Emily's neighbors, much like her, are people who were drawn to the drama and bad-boy appeal of the big city. Only, sooner or later, as in most relationships, the love, no matter how hard you may fight to keep it alive, just fizzles. However, a good love is never truly lost or forgotten and because of this, she remains close enough to continue a "good friendship" with Nyc. This means taking the time every so often to enjoy a casual stroll through Central Park. Never forgetting to visit during the holidays to catch the storefront displays or every now and again steeling her no longer frayed nerves to attend a broadway show. Yet the majority of her days, when she is not freelancing, are reserved for what she wants to do, knit and indulge her artistic senses in the serenity and pleasures that can be found in a life just outside NYC.