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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Brad Hall
Richmond, Virginia USA
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Blake (nephew)
Right now Brad is a hard working student, always stressing over projects. He is living in Richmond, Va. and is attending VCU. He is trying to major in sculpture And go to grad school. He is always listening to albums.
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Dee Anne (sister)
Well, when he was younger, he spent a lot of time looking at himself in the mirror or any reflection he could find. (stove, store windows, car...etc) I am not sure if he still does that. I think now he spends more time being abstract and creative. I picture him as the wild artsy fartsy artist who throws things together and makes these extremely bizarre, awesome looking pieces of art. I see him sitting around listening to strange music with some of his "hippy" friends. They are probably in a low lit bar or restaurant where everything is low key. He thinks of others, especially those in need. That is when he paces and worries. He spends a lot of time second guesses his creativity and his talent.
I can tell you I don't think he spends much time cleaning his apartment or cleaning his car. He definitely does not like shopping or waiting....he paces back and forth and back and forth.
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Kylie (niece)
Brad spends his time sleeping, driving to the art studio, art store...etc. He also rides his bike a lot around Richmond. He shops on Ebay, listens to music, talks on his phone to his mom. He surfs the internet, writes papers, plays his guitar, listens to bands, does art projects.