Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Rachel Dobbs
Exeter UK



rachel laughed when she saw what her family had written - some of this is purely fictional!!!!
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Dad (50):
Rachel lives in a shared house in Exeter with around six other students. She is studying art, Fine Art (Contextual Practice) at the University of Plymouth (in Exeter). She is in her final year. At the moment she is in the reading week in between semesters and is staying in Saltash with her boyfriend Matthew, She is writing an assignment using a book which she got from Amazon.com. She is about to start working on an art website, Soon she will be starting driving lessons when she finds a good driving instructor.
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Brother (18):
Rachel spends about five days of the week in Exeter, the other two in Saltash with Matt (boyfriend). In Exeter she attends the Plymouth College of Art, in her third/final year. Also in Exeter she spends one or two days a week teaching art. She has a strange fascination with telephone boxes. Rachel enjoys the odd pint in the pub but is a bit of a light weight. Rachel's writing her dissertation at the moment about some arty blokes. Rachel is also taking her work onto the internet and currently designing her own website.
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Brother (16)
Rachel is coming to the end of her degree in uni in Exeter. She is waiting for replies or enquiries to her most recent piece of "Art" where she sent out a lot of letters to a whole row (street) of houses. She spends the occasional weekend to visit the family back in Saltash and stays at her boyfriend's house where she is finding the finer things in life such as computer games and fire (hehehe!). When she isn't playing around she has to get on with her thesis and other write ups which are getting done at a good rate (1000 words per day sometimes) which are soon needed to be handed in after a few checks by tutors and friendly staff/friends.