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Assignment #29
Make an audio recording of a choir.


Record people making a sound that starts low and rises to an amazing crescendo, as if they are singing in a choir. You can make the sound alone, or preferably with a group of kids, an actual church choir, or all of your co-workers, etc. Your song can be very simple, just a rising tone, or it can be more melodic and ecstatic--either way you should make it as beautiful as possible (actually what you should try to do is make the most beautiful, wonderful sound you have ever heard). Provide us with a recording that is between 5 and 40 seconds long. Make sure the sound builds! Your song will appear on the web site by itself, and we will possibly also be included in a mix of all of the sounds together forming one giant choir.
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The following digital audio formats are acceptable:
-Digital formats: .mov .wav .aiff .mp3
Mac users!
If you have a Macintosh computer using OSX click here to find out about an easy way to record your vocal piece for us.

- - - E X H I B I T I O N !
Selected joyful sounds will be a part of the 2004 Whitney Biennial in New York from March until May. Send your joyful sound by February 17 to be considered for that.