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Assignment #22
Recreate a scene from Laura Lark's life story.


View Laura's Story translated in Japanese
Go to Assignment #14, and read the story of Laura Lark's life. It is an amazing story, a classic American tale. Now recreate a short scene from her life. Video this re-enactment. Do not worry about looking or sounding like Laura Lark, and speak in your native language. The video should begin with the text that you are enacting. Just select one or two sentence that reference the scene you are enacting, for example:
He was working on an industrial patent for a Scotchgard-like product.
This would be a scene in which Laura and her sister are putting urine and catsup on carpet samples in the bathtub (as described in the autobiography.) The text should be black writing on a pink background. Please make the text as big as possible. This will ensure that it can be read when it is resized for the website. The video should end with two seconds of the same pink, a blank pink screen. Your video should be no longer than 45 seconds in total length. Most scenes should only require a single shot, with no camera movement. Make it simply and quickly, taking special care to capture what Laura Lark was feeling at this particular moment in her life.
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The following digital video formats are acceptable:
-Quicktime .mov file